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Delicious Hat is a Web Technology Development and Consulting firm founded in 2008 by Evan Tahler.

We focus in Product Management, Marketing Automation, Application Design, System Architecture, and DevOps. We use Agile practices in conjunction with an API-First methodology. We have experience in working with startups and enterprises to create and scale B2B and B2C products.

Our members sit on leadership positions on a number of popular open-source projects, are respected conference presenters, and have held management positions in related fields.


Airbus (A^3)

Acting Product Lead for the Voom project. Vertical Urban Mobility. Became full-time role.

Voom (by Airbus A^3)

The World's most affordable on-demand helicopter booking platform.


Date science and analytics pipeline, Dev-Ops tooling, and developer tools. Became full-time role.

Electric Imp

Emergency repairs on customer-facing IoT managment portal. Modernize web development processes.

The VA Hospital System

Deployment support for audit and roll-out of new technogy, which we developed.

The Andy Warhol Museum

Developed backend tools and operation for traveling exhbits.

Selected Projects


The Reusable, Scalable, and Quick node.js API Server

Scorebosard Guru

Scoreboard Guru is the best way to keep track of your scores in all your games & sports!

The Andy Warhol Screen Test Experience

Recreate the original Selfie


Centralized SMS Communication for Teams

API First

Your how-to guide for developing in a multi-platform world

Elasticsearch Dump

Import and export tools for elasticsearch

Node Resque

Resque Background Queues for Node.js

Open Source

Delicious Hat has a deep commitment to the Open Source community. We value building software using open and available tools which anyone can use, and we acknowledge the work of the community we are building on top of.

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